Established in 2003, Sari El Khazen Architects has grown since to include 4 lines of business. Architecture and Interior Design are the largest activities, attracting the major focus and most of the team’s effort, followed by consultancy and supervision, a complementary piece to the latters, as well as urban design.

The company aims to deliver excellence by creating solutions based on unique concept, built with exclusively selected items, and mixed with latest technology to provide finest designs.

SEK is specialized in :

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Urban Design

  • Consultancy & Supervision


Highly influenced by the Lebanese natural landscape, the Western culture and the US education, Sari El Khazen developed an interest in Architecture, social behavior, people’s lifestyle, and a passion for Nature.

A multi gifted person, Sari is an architect and interior designer by profession, an artist by vocation, a TV show host and a university teacher by social commitment.


Sari El Khazen Architecture office is one of the most innovative entities in the region, finished projects for the most prestigious organizations and personnel, where, reputation leads to the next client.

After a childhood between Lebanon and France, Sari decided to pursue his college education in the US. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Architecture from the University of Southern California, in 2001.

Feeling the need for a deeper dive into architecture and more specialization, he went further to obtain a Master’s of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University, New York, in 2003.

New York, which he considers to be a laboratory of contemporary megalopolis, had a high influence on his way of thinking, with all the complexity and challenges this city offers such as urban integration, high density, sustainable living, mixed use sources of spaces that changes through time and requires flexible and adaptable design, its multi culture habitat which implies social understanding of life style, and its influence on living space

Around 10 years in the US were not enough to keep him away forever from his home country. Despite an initial plan of few months’ vacation in Lebanon, he ended up settling there and launching his own architecture firm, that later become Sari El Khazen Architects.


Founded in late 2003, early 2004, Sari El Khazen Architects is one of the most prestigious architecture firms, in Lebanon, with a regional and international recognition; a significant number of projects have been reviewed by industry press and published by international media and institutions.

Some of Sari’s work in Beirut can be seen in Skybar, one of the most famous rooftop bars around the world, La Plage, a beach resort, and many other public places, restaurants, lounges and medical centres, such as O-bar, Café d’Orient, Cream, Derwandi, Diwan, Kahwa, La Plage, Octagon and Sunset room.

Internationally, Sari imprinted a large footprint with international projects such as Skybar Dubai, Skybar Egypt, Il Cavaliere Pazzo polo club in Ghana and a 25,000 sqm housing project in Abuja, Nigeria.

New projects under development include a new trendy club with top notch new generation lighting technologies in Beirut, a nightclub in YAS Island, Abu Dhabi, hospitality projects in Ghana, and other residential projects.


Beirut, Achrafieh.